New York 2017

The AAPT NE Regional Conference (joint section with NY, NE, NJ) was held in Syracuse September 30.  PTRA leaders Pat Callahan and Steven Henning led a workshop on “Fun and Engaging Labs”.  The workshop had 8 attendees and the NY section picked up the tab for the workshop.  THANKS to the NY Section and thanks to Duane Merrill and Wendy Adams for providing ideas and activities.  Participants made paper rockets, ball in a can, and paper cantilevers. The meeting started out on Friday night with a dinner, plenary talk (Beth Cunningham), and demo show.  Saturday there were numerous talks and presentations and the afternoon session had workshops and additional talks.  
September 24, a workshop was held as part of the Math for America initiative. Steve and Pat led the workshop in downtown NYC.
PTRAs Steve Henning ( and George Amann presented a two hour workshop on Monday June 12, 2017  from 5:30-7:30 in conjunction with the Math for America professional development.  The topic was TIPERS.
TIPERS provide students with tasks that address physical ideas and principles in a variety of ways. Some of these are Ranking Tasks, Bar Chart Tasks, Linked Multiple Choice Tasks, Working Backwards Tasks, Predict and Explain Tasks and many others. These varied tasks are designed to help students learn the important concepts and principles of physics while providing a conceptual base upon which students can solve physics problems. Participants received two free books: the latest TIPERS Manual and the Ranking Tasks manual.