Oversight Committee

The oversight committee was established to assist in planning the future of PTRA projects and ensure transparency of financial expenditures.  Members are appointed by the AAPT Board and are on a rotating basis.  Terms begin and end with the AAPT winter meeting.

Current members include:

Jill Marshall, Committee Chair (WM 2021)

Chris Chiaverina (retired) (2020) replaced Tom O’Kuma

Janie Head, Texas (17-2020)

Tommi Holsenbeck, Alabama (17-2021)

Ann Robinson, (19-2021)

Kenric Davies, HS (19-2021)

Bob Powell, retired (19-2021)

Recently served:

Earl Blodgett–University of Wisconsin River Falls (2016-19)

Kelly O’Shea–Elisabeth Irwin School, New York, NY (2016-19)

Pat Callahan – PA, Committee Chair (2011-2018)

Tom O’Kuma–Lee College, Baytown TX  (2019 replaced due to board appointment).

Larry Cook – Bismarck HS, ND (2017)

Robert Morse – Washington, DC retired (2017)

Ed Price – California State University-San Marcos (2018)

Summer 2019 Documents

Director Report SM19

PTRA Strategic plan proposal

Winter 2019 Documents

PTRA Specialist designations, approved WM19 PTRA Designations 

Oversight Committee Meeting W19 minutes

Summer 2018 Documents

Oversight Committee Minutes S2018 post

PTRA Oversight Committee Meeting Agenda SM 2018

Director Report Director’s Report S18

Oversight Chair Report to the Board:SM18 OC Chair report

Committee Reports:

Recruitment Subcommittee

Funding Subcommittee

Documentation Committee

Communication Committee

Outreach Committee

Winter 2018 Documents

WM18 Meeting Minutes (includes director’s report and financial reports)WM 18 PTRA Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes

Continuation Fund (zip file)Fund documents

Summer 2017 Documents

Director’s Report

PTRA Subcommittees summer 2017

SM 17 PTRA Oversight Agenda

WM 17 and Mar 17 PTRA Oversight Minutes

Virtual meeting 3.23.17 minutes

Winter 2017 Documents

WM 17 PTRA Oversight Agenda

PTRA Director’s Report W17

WM 17 PTRA Oversight Committee Meeting Minutes

PTRA Board report W17

Summer 2016 Documents
Winter 2016 Documents
Summer 2015  Documents
PTRA status/director report report to committee 7.27.15
Leadership Schedule 7.12.15
PTRA overview
Winter 2015  Documents
Summer 2014  Documents

Minutes from Meetings:

July 2014 MN_PTRA_Oversight_Meeting_Minutes

Jan. 2014  Orlando_PTRA_Oversight_Minutes 2014

Aug. 2013  Portland_PTRA_Oversight_Minutes

Jan. 2013 New_Orleans_PTRA_Oversight_Minutes