Leadership Institutes

One strength of the AAPT/PTRA program lies in the annual training that focuses on updates in pedagogy, technology, and content. This professional development for the leaders allows the participants to become certified in specific content areas that they may then offer to peers in their own district or state.

The PTRA 2017 Summer Leadership Institute will be held before the AAPT Summer Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Dates for the institute are July 19-22, 2017. 

For more information regarding the institute or PTRA requirements contact Karen Jo Matsler (karen@aaptptra.com).  Thanks for your interest in PTRA.

2017 Cincinnati, Ohio

2016 Sacramento, California

2015 Baltimore, Maryland

2014 Minneapolis, Minnesota

2013 Portland, Oregon

2011 Omaha, Nebraska

2010 Portland, Oregon

2009 Ann Arbor, Michigan

2008 Edmonton, Alberta

2007 Greensboro, North Carolina

2006 Syracuse, NY

2005 Salt Lake City, Utah

2004 Sacramento, California

2003 Madison, Wisconsin

2002 Boise, Idaho