Useful websites and Resources

AP 1 Summer Course Pack (Contributed by Murawski) AP Physics 1


Feyman Lectures on Physics

PBS Forces and Bridges (simulations and descriptions)

IPad Apps 4 Teachers

Observation protocol for interactive classrooms

Engineering vs. Science and Project ideas

 Newton’s 3rd Law: video clip of how first astronauts trying to work in space and how NASA forgot to account for Newton’s 3rd law

NBC videos of the olympics.

Hewitt Next Time Questions

Hewitt Drew It videos

Walter Lewin of MIT:

Paul Hewitt,  analog videos in the 80s:

Colleagues at Harvard:

Sound wave patterns by Meara o’Reilly:

Spectacular effects of 3D standing wave patterns made by a Japanese group:

Amazing Resonance Patterns:

Video list for demonstrations

Scientists’ Curiosity Cabinet (demos, devices, gizmos, etc)