2018 Summer Leadership Institute

The 2018 PTRA Summer Leadership Institute will be held July 25-28, 2018 in tandem with the ALPHA/PIRA conference, at the Loyola University. Andrew White Student Center & Donnelly Science Center, provisionally with dormitory space at the Campion Tower

Institute topics will include:
  • partnering with ALPHA/PIRA to understand and be able to integrate their resources into the PTRA resources in order to enhance the learning experience of workshop participants and ultimately students,
  • updates on new modules of astronomy and earth science from Perimeter Institute,
  • updates and curriculum planning for use of quantum technology resources,
  • engineering ideas to incorporate into workshops
  • development of curriculum aligned to NGSS.

Specific timelines and details will be posted soon as we are still working on logistics. 

The cost of attending the institute will vary according to prior level of involvement and PTRA support:

  • All participants will be responsible for their travel and housing accommodations. There will be an option of staying at Loyola University at the rate of $65/night double and $69/night single occupancy. Meal arrangements are yet to be determined, but it is likely to be approximately $40 per day (continental breakfast $8/person, box lunch at $10/person, dinner at $20/person). Participants have the option of being responsible for their own meals.
  • Participants who have been a PTRA and have contributed at least $250 to the continuation fund in the last 2 years, will receive a travel stipend in the amount of $500 (distributed after the institute). 
  • All participants/PTRAs are expected to provide Professional Development to their peers based on what they learn at the institutes. Therefore, all PTRAs must have provided a minimum of 6 hours of workshops in order to attend the institute free of charge.  If the PTRA has not provided workshops, there will be a fee of $200 to attend the summer leadership institute. Documentation of workshops is based on workshop listings and participants from the required online surveys.
  • New PTRA applicants are eligible to apply for one of the limited scholarships from AAPT to help offset institute expenses. The expectation for those receiving scholarship funds is that they contribute to the physics community by providing PD for their peers in the coming year.  For more information on the scholarship, contact Dr. Matsler (kmatsler@me.com)
Thank you for your interest in PTRA.