Pennsylvania 2014

Nov. 14, 2014  Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics

This workshop introduced participants to the Perimeter educational materials and allowed interaction and experience with these high quality materials on the cutting edge of modern Physics. Following the completion of the workshop participants were given access to the materials.

Workshop Leaders: Dave McCachren, Pat Callahan

Where: Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Millersville, PA
When: November 14, 2014
Host: Mehmet Goksu


March 21, 2014   Using APPS in the Physics Classroom

Smart Phones are available and used by most students today. There are a wide variety of APPS that are being produced that would allow Physics teachers to bring this technology into the classroom as a tool to help students to learn physics. Since the students already have the devices this was an opportunity to allow them to use this in their teaching. Many APPS were demonstrated and used. Participants shared apps that they have used with those in the workshop.

Workshop leaders: Pat Callahan, Dave McCachren

Where: Misericordia University, Dallas, PA

Host: Lynn Aldrich


July 16 & 17 (9am-5pm) and July 18 (9 am-noon)

Teaching about Electricity with Capacitor-Aided System for Teaching and Learning Electricity (CASTLE)

The CASTLE curriculum is suitable for physics and physical science in grades 6-12. It contains instructional materials, homework, and quizzes and assumes no prior knowledge of electricity.

The heart of the NSF-funded CASTLE curriculum is a sequence of experiments with light bulbs, batteries, and specially designed capacitors to build a model of electrical circuits. The curriculum is inquiry based and is aligned to the PA State standards, including science practices and model building.

During this workshop, participants will do the actual student activities as well as discuss classroom implementation strategies.

Cost: $200 (made payable to AAPT)

Location: Penn State Altoona

Workshop Leader: Alice Flarend