Massachusetts 2017

Date: March 18 from 1:30-4:30 PM
Fee: $20
Topic: Video Analysis
Location: Quinsigamond Community College, 670 West Boylstown St, Worcester, MA 01606
Description: This workshop utilizes short videos, often just 20 to 30 frames in length, for teaching physics and other sciences. The videos are designed for analysis in a computer, iPad, iPhone, iPod. Using “LoggerPro (free software such as “Tracker” can also be used) positions of objects in the video frame can be measured by pointing a mouse and clicking. The data can be graphed, analyzed in spreadsheets, compared to theoretical models, and even used to display vectors or points superimposed on the original video.  Participants will receive hands on use of the video analysis and a copy of the “Physics with Video Analysis” text from Vernier which has a generous site license for the materials. 
Workshop leader is Steve Henning.  For more information contact Steve