Pennsylvania 2017

Central Pennsylvania Section  American Association of Physics Teachers

Misericordia University in Dallas, PA served as host for the 23rd Annual Fall Central PA AAPT Section PTRA Workshop for high school teachers.  An enthusiastic group of teachers participated in activities developed around the title “Something Old, Something Classical, Something New”.  Participants, leaders and host Michael Orleski shared experiences with the recent solar eclipse and a sampling of student activities related to understanding the nature of eclipses.  Activities developed in conjunction with the Perimeter Institute served to explore the classical and new portions of the workshop as participants measured the wavelength of laser light, measured Planck’s Constant and had a brief introduction to gravitational waves before the day ended.  The 26th Annual Spring PTRA workshop held in conjunction with the Central PA AAPT section meeting is scheduled for April 6, 2018 at Penn State- Schuylkill Campus with Mike Gallis serving as host.  The Spring workshop will spend more time exploring activities on gravitational waves and focus the remaining time on activities related to understanding Quantum Computing.  Dave McCachren, Alice Flarend and Pat Callahan serve as the Central PA Section PTRA Workshop Team.  Additional information and registration information can be found at


Using engineering to teach physics

It seems everyone is talking engineering these days and physics classes seem like a good place to teach some engineering. However, how do we fit yet another thing into our full curriculum? Participants in this hands-on workshop will learn about engineering projects that work within any physics or physical science curriculum and go beyond guess and check strategies.

Presenter: Alice Flarend

Location/Date: University of Pittsburgh – Johnstown, October 14, 2017

Time: 9-12:30



Central Pennsylvania Section

American Association of Physics Teachers

Spring 2017 PTRA Workshop

Hands on Electricity Lessons for High School Physics


The workshop at the University of Scranton on April 21, 2017 explored the later units of the CASTLE curriculum designed to help students understand how electric fields are related to the function of electric circuits. The day also included learning how semiconductors work and the nature of AC. Workshop leaders: Pat Callahan ( Dave McCachren ( )

Hosting Institution Contact:
Prof. Nicholas P. Truncale, University of Scranton, 204 Monroe Ave