Baltimore Bootcamp

From Seed to Tree, How Can That Be? John Hopkins University hosted a bootcamp for teachers and leaders of Baltimore ISD June 19-23 to learn about STEM, best practices, inquiry, and techniques to be successful in working with adults.

SMITE 2014 Univ. W. Georgia

The University of West Georgia Physics Department hosted 90 teachers in grades 3-12 at a STEM institute June 9-20, 2014.   For more pictures go to the workshop page or #physicsfun2014
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2014 STEM workshops

There are several opportunities for teachers to receive professional development in physics related to STEM and NGSS in 2014.  Specific information on the available PTRA workshops are listed under the main menu: Workshop and Institutes, 2014.  For more information contact us and we will direct you to the nearest site OR we will be happy to set up a special workshop in your area designed to meet you needs.  We specialize in workshops for teachers wanting to understand physics and physical science in grades K-12.

Sound App

From Michael:  Found a new-awesome physics app…great page on Beats that demos the actual sound from various diff frequencies…and it’s free!
Sound Uncovered by Exploratorium

STEM is in the wind

The participants at Idaho State University studied energy  as part of their workshop in August 2013.  They made solar ovens and windmills. This short clip shows just how big the actual turbines are

length of wind

lars and jan

Summer 2013 Leadership Workshop, Portland OR

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Looking forward to the AAPT/PTRA Leadership Conference and the AAPT National Conference in Portland, OR. Nearly 40 of the best physics teachers across the nation will come together and work on curriculum pertinent to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and how STEM can be a valuable part of any grade level K-12.

Topics include use of iOS devices in the classroom, engineering with digital control units (DCU), engineering designs for K-12, and much more.  Friday morning Dr. Cary Sneider (NGSS writing team leader) and Dr. Ramon Lopez (NGSS team member) will help PTRAs develop a deeper understanding of true meaning the standards and what they should look like in the classroom.  PTRAs will then be able to go back to their home states and districts and empower peers to be stronger in both content and pedagogical understandings for these new challenges.