2016 Workshops




December 2, 2016 8:30-3:00: Pat Callahan & Dave McCachren led a workshop on incorporating engineering design into your physics class.  The workshop was held in conjunction with Central PA section of AAPT at Penn State – Schuykill Campus, Schuykill Haven, PA and 11 teachers attended. agenda-for-workshop-at-psu-s

November 10-12, 2016:  Karen Matsler, Kenric Davies, Evelyn Restivo, Michael Strange, Janie Head, Joel Palmer and Trina Cannon provided opportunities for K-12 teachers attending the state science conference (CAST) to learn about physics/physical science.  Over 1000 teachers attended 13 sessions that were full and had just as many trying to get in the sessions as actually were able to get in before the fire marshall closed the doors. For more pics go to http://www.texasaapt.com/cast-2016/

October 22, 2016: Steven Henning, Keri Parry worked with teachers @ Wesleyan University Middletown CT on GPS, Plancks

April 8, 2016: Dave Mc Cachren and Pat Callahan presented a 6 hr workshop at Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA for Central PA AAPT section.  The topic was NASA Resources/Rockets 101. Participants and focused on physics principles and engineering design.

April 2, 2016 hosted by Cornell University.  A 3 hour workshop using Perimeter Institute resources with a focus on Planck’s Constant, Beyond the Atom, and Cloud Chamber Detective.  Other materials available from PI were viewed and discussed. There were 30 participants attending with experience ranging from HS physics teachers to undergraduate physics education majors from SUNY Geneseo to college professors.  The majority were HS physics teachers from as far away as Syosset, NY.  The workshop was part of the NYSS-AAPT Spring meeting at Cornell University and was led by Steve Henning and Pat Callahan.

April 1 and 2, 2016, Baytown TX: Several sessions were provided to APS/TSAAPT meeting attendees.  Sessions included “Hollywood Physics” and “Cartoon Physics” presented by Kenric Davies, “Planck’s constant” presented by Trina Cannon, and a “Make-n-Take” session provided by Bill Franklin.

January 23, 2016 Bismarck, ND: CASTLE workshop for teachers in the Bismarck area. Organized and led by Larry Cook from Bismarck HS. fizznodak@gmail.com

October 30, 2015: Workshop hosted by the Central PA AAPT section and University of Scranton. The topic was Hollywood Physics and session leaders were Pat Callahan  ptcallahan@aol.com  and Dave McCachren.  For more information on future workshops contact kmccachren@comcast.net

October 30 and 31, 2015  Waco, TX: provided to  Texas Section AAPT members attending the APS/AAPT meeting in  for a minimal fee. Sessions included:  “The Physics of Metallurgy, Environment and Corrosion”  by Evelyn Restivo, “CASTLE online” by Trina Cannon, “Make and Take Demo and/or Lab Apparatus” by Bill Franklin, “Forces in Action: Follow the Projectile” by Trina Cannon, and “Hollywood Physics” by Kenric Davies. For more information contact karen@aaptptra.com

November 12-13, 2015  Fort Worth, TX: PTRAs conducted numerous sessions on physics at the Texas Science Conference (CAST).  For a complete listing of the sessions contact karen@aaptptra.com  or visit the TSAAPT.org website http://texas.aaptsections.org/cast-2015/

October 26, 2015, Sherman TX Kenric Davies conducted a short workshop for Sherman ISD on the use of CASTLE to teach electricity. kdavies@shermanisd.net

October 24, 2015: Larry Cook conducted a workshop using the Perimeter Institute Resources.  These resources are valuable in helping teachers incorporate quantum topics in the classroom.  Topics include black holes, relativity, Planck’s constant, wave particle duality, and much more. The four participants were given the opportunity to go through the Perimeter Resources and learn a little more about quantum physics.  Thanks to Perimeter for making the resources available for these workshops.

October 3, 2015: George Amann   amannga@earthlink.net   and Steven Henning  physfsh@gmail.com   conducted a “TIPERS” PTRA Workshop at the Northeast Regional AAPT Mtg at Bergen Community College in New Jersey. It was a great workshop with  19 participants!!  Thanks to the TIPERS authors for the wonderful material. Each participant received a copy of the TIPERS and Ranking Tasks books courtesy of Pearson Education.


 For More Information on the Workshops available in your area contact karen@aaptptra.com