2017 Workshops

PTRA is providing quality professional development to members of the K-12 educational community in several states and on various topics in 2017.  To view other workshops in your area, use the dropdown menu for professional development.

Pennsylvania: Something Ancient, Something Classical, Something New. December 1, 8:30-3:00 PM

 Misericordia University in Dallas, PA served as host for the 23rd Annual Fall Central PA AAPT Section PTRA Workshop. An enthusiastic group of teachers participated in activities developed around the title “Something Old, Something Classical, Something New”.  Participants, leaders and host Michael Orleski shared experiences with the recent solar eclipse and a sampling of student activities related to understanding the nature of eclipses.  Activities developed in conjunction with the Perimeter Institute served to explore the classical and new portions of the workshop as participants measured the wavelength of laser light, measured Planck’s Constant and had a brief introduction to gravitational waves before the day ended. A follow up to this session will be held at the spring meeting

Texas: Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST) Nov. 9-11, Houston TX

Multiple sessions for K-12 educators will be presented at the state science conference on behalf of the Texas Section of AAPT and PTRA.  Go to texasaapt.com for a complete listing of sessions

If there is a workshop you would like planned for your area, contact us Karen@aaptptra.com